Forgive And Forget

Brian has always been a person who’s valued family, but when his brother Kevin is killed in a tragic car accident, he realizes that he doesn’t know his family as well as he thought he did.  On the day of Kevin’s funeral, Brian is bombarded with extreme amounts of information from several members of his family. These new found discoveries shake him to his structural foundation, and lead him down a road of discover that he never foresaw.

Brian’s wife Chantelle, is extremely supportive, but is having a difficult time knowing when, and how to support him in his time of need. She seeks advice from Brian’s grandmother Catherine, the matriarch of the family, and the glue that holds it in place. She’s is no stranger to pain, due to the death of Brian’s mother Shannon, less than a year before Kevin’s untimely passing. As the day passes, old wounds are ripped open during conversations between Catherine and her son Joe. His anger and frustration steams from a horrible experience from his past. Tensions mount when an unexpected visitor appears creating an emotional explosion of lost thoughts and feelings. Brian must decide if he wants to hold on to the past or relinquish it and move on to the future.

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