College student Elaine Lyddie has a passion for playing the piano. She also suffers from a Brachial Plexus injury caused at birth, which has left her right arm completely paralyzed – and given her mother the perfect excuse to keep Elaine as dependent on her as possible. When Elaine meets washed-up music professor Samuel Hernandez, she not only finds the first person to take her musical gift seriously – she forges her first connection with someone other than her manipulative, controlling mother. Mrs. Lyddie doesn’t like that. Neither does Samuel’s wife, Audrey. As Elaine and Samuel’s relationship begins to cross too many boundaries, these women will do what they can to make sure Elaine stays just as she is – sheltered and alone. Until Elaine shows everyone – including Samuel – that she’s not as weak as they thought.


The Sharla Butler Story

During a race with the varsity girls, underclassman Sharla outruns the older girls and her coach is so impressed she places her on the varsity state champion squad. But Sharla is affected when she loses a close race. After a life revelation through the eyes of her father, the girl goes on to lead her team through race after race in the pursuit of another state championship. But after falling ill, Sharla comes face to face with her mortality as she runs the greatest race of her short life.




Sweet Justice

Four women run a private child support clinic by day but are collectors at night seeking out deadbeat parents and using seduction and force to make them pay up.

Carter High

During the 1980s Carter High School in Dallas, Texas was a football powerhouse. This is the story of four of the student athletes whose off the field activities cost them their future.

Forgive And Forget

Brian has always been a person who’s valued family, but when his brother Kevin is killed in a tragic car accident, he realizes that he doesn’t know his family as well as he thought he did.  On the day of Kevin’s funeral, Brian is bombarded with extreme amounts of information from several members of his family. These new found discoveries shake him to his structural foundation, and lead him down a road of discover that he never foresaw.

Brian’s wife Chantelle, is extremely supportive, but is having a difficult time knowing when, and how to support him in his time of need. She seeks advice from Brian’s grandmother Catherine, the matriarch of the family, and the glue that holds it in place. She’s is no stranger to pain, due to the death of Brian’s mother Shannon, less than a year before Kevin’s untimely passing. As the day passes, old wounds are ripped open during conversations between Catherine and her son Joe. His anger and frustration steams from a horrible experience from his past. Tensions mount when an unexpected visitor appears creating an emotional explosion of lost thoughts and feelings. Brian must decide if he wants to hold on to the past or relinquish it and move on to the future.

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